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Welcome to Gate Motor Repair  Noycedale, assisting with installation and repair.

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Prevention IS better than cure.

Gate Motor Repair  Noycedale

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Gate Motor Repair  Noycedale
Gate Motor Repair  Noycedale

CCTV camera footage of hijackings outside homes is chilling. Scenario : You arrive home with the family. There is a power failure in your area. Your back-up battery fails so the gate does not open. Carjacking outside your home ! This starts a series of nightmare events. On a personal level there is possible physical injury, definitely the post-traumatic stress and follow–up counselling . On the practical level, motor vehicle insurance red tape and frustration call Gate Motor Repair  Noycedale. 

Preventative Maintenance

There are a number of issues that can adversely affect the operation of your Gate Motor Repair  Noycedale:

  1. A) Power surges, lightning strikes etc.
  1. B) The biggest culprits are ants and rodents. They damage the internal wiring of your motor.
  1. C) Poor installation and/or condition of the gate itself, obstructions on the tracks both putting unnecessary strain on the motor.

We offer regular preventative maintenance (including advice) at a minimal cost to our existing clients.

We offer the above plus a free initial assessment and advice to new clients.

Gate Motor Repair  Noycedale
Gate Motor Repair  Noycedale

We quote on all repairs to gate motors.

We offer normal and emergency after sales service. Our turnaround time is one of the best in the business. References and comments

These can be viewed on our website “Gate Motor Repair  Noycedale”. You will also see that we accept constructive criticism. This gives Gate Motor Repair  Noycedale the objectivity and ability to improve our service and client relations. We have trained our technicians to provide a high degree of workmanship and client relations.

For your Safety

Gate Motor Repair  Noycedale use only quality gate motors having selected three of the many motors available on the market. Our vehicles are well branded and staff wear clearly marked clothing as well as carrying company ID. Before we despatch a crew we send you a code which they will give you on arrival.

Statistics & Awareness

80% of all car hijackings occur at the point of vehicle entrance to a property. It is critical to be aware of your surroundings when approaching your home. If you notice anything out of the ordinary (suspicious looking vehicles or people, street lights out ) go past your home and return in about five minutes to check things out………….

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